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"I experienced Reiki for the first time with Katey in Amsterdam and it was a beautiful experience I will never forget. I could feel the strong positive energy surrounding Katey when she first greeted me. I have now experienced Reiki with others but so far the experience with Katey has been most special. Katey helped to unblock the energy that was stuck inside me and soon after that I began to feel energy vibrations in my legs that I can feel to this day. I will miss the Reiki sessions with her, but I wish her best on her journey. It is important to experience Reiki with someone that exudes positive energy, and for this, I cannot recommend Katey enough!"

April 27, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"Kate has such a warm, loving personality. It is easy to feel comfortable around her.
I felt super relaxed during and after and we both had a beautiful spiritual experience during the Reiki as a bonus. If you wish to do something loving for yourself, treating yourself to a session with Kate is definitely a great way to do it."

Susanne Pistoor, Amsterdam.

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"My beloved teacher; the talented, vivacious and bright healing ball of light and love Kate Roberts.

I am grateful and blessed to be able to call Kate a friend, a confidante, a teacher and a godmother to my son; but on the healing and teaching side I cant recommend her highly enough. Her beautiful and dazzling love and healing light were present at the birth of my son, and she was a conduit for Reiki healing during my transformative labouring.

She is authentic, nurturing, generous and patient, with a good old dose of practicality and centredness which makes her a very acessible teacher. One of her greatest assets in teachng and healing is her firm belief that everyone is both teacher an pupil, and it is her conscious engagement in this belief in all that she does which makes her stand out head and shoulders as one of the best.

You fancy being attuned to practice Reiki? Prepare for your life and your being to transform beyond anything you imagined; and take the step with Kate!"
Ilena J Standring (Doula & Coach)

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"Kate Roberts is hands down one of the best reiki masters I've ever experienced. She gave me some treatments in Amsterdam (where we miss her!). She was recommended to me through a friend Jennifer Orum who had some sessions and said I must experience it for myself (she was right). The treatments were amazing - you can really feel the energy through her, and then of course the relaxation afterwards is also awesome. But more, she has a sunny smile and energy that makes one feel better just by being near her. I am now the one to recommend her to others: I think like me you'll find it a VERY nice (positive, energising) experience."
Sarah-Jane Threipland

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"I was introduced to this amazing lady and the wonderful benefits of Reiki through my friend Claire Kate is a real life "Angel" a beautiful warm caring soul.. I was a complete stranger to Reiki.. Kate talked me through it and after some sessions ... I was so impressed with the benefits I received I became one of her students ... I can wholeheartedly recommend Kate to anyone who is interested in this practice or looking for support in clearing anything holding you back in your lives ... Namaste :)"
David Alison

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"Kate is a beautiful enlightened soul bursting with loving energy.

I learned the level 1 with her and it was a profound experience. She is a great teacher and a true Reiki master. She teaches in such a relaxed and beautiful manner, she is so friendly and kind.

I recommend her with all of my heart.
I learned a lot from her, not just about Reiki but about life.
She is a really wise powerful being of love."
Ari Másson

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

"Kate has been an absolute joy to assist me to getting to Reiki level 1. She is professional and was able to make us feel secure and guided throughout the whole process. She truly does reiki out of love and is absolutely capable of transmitting that to others.

I would definitely recommend anyone to go to her for reiki tranings or sessions and send her all my love! :)"
Bettina Iris Van Guirk

March 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterKatey Roberts

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