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Indian Head Massage

This treatment originates from a technique practised in daily life in India and is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda. This approach to health recommends the use of regular massage combined with a focus on diet, herbs, cleansing, meditation, yoga and exercise to promote long-life and balance for mind, body and spirit.

The name of the treatment implies that it is restricted to the head only, but I'll actually be massaging your back and shoulders, as well as focussing on pressure points on your face where tension can often be stored.  If you're sat behind a computer a lot you will really notice how much the pressure points around your eyes can help you melt into relaxation immediately !

It promotes a general feeling of relaxation and calmness, reduces anxiety and stress as well as being helpful for physical problems such as aching jaws or neck and shoulder pain. If you suffer from headaches, sinusitis or migraine then I can also concentrate more on the facial pressure points of the massage to help alleviate symptoms and explain how you can relieve this kind of pain yourself. 

Indian Head Massage is now one of the fastest growing therapies in the West, possibly because of our fast and furious lifestyle where people can cram a session into their half hour lunch break to release some of the stress from their morning! Having said that I am a firm believer in taking time out for relaxation - PROPER time. More than 30minutes anyway; so I would recommend you combine the Head Massage with one of the other treatments to give you the benefit of experiencing a longer session and give yourself time to really switch off.

Cost: £30 (In combination with another treatment £20 !!)