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Energy Healing

Although Reiki is also a form of energy healing I also work with other energies.  It is again a hands-on healing where you will lie down fully clothed to receive the treatment, and in the same way as Reiki I will send energy to various points in the body to help revitalise stress and blockages. 

During this healing I may connect with the angels - usually Archangel Michael and Raphael, or help transmit dolphin energy or other energy specific to you.  I admit, it sounds a bit vague but it totally depends on the individual which type of energy comes up to be of benefit for that particular person.  

As with Reiki, you will also experience a sense of calm and peace during and after the treatment.  Some people feel heat, or experience colours or lights and some clients have received messages or visions from their subconscious or guides.  As with other therapists, I  have my own unique healing energy and combined with other forms I can offer a relaxing experience which will help you to feel more like your true self again. 

Cost: £40 - £60 depending on your budget.  This includes coaching before and after the session. 

(Package of 3 sessions: £100)