PAMPER PARTY at your home !

Energy and Space Clearing

Unfortunately this one doesn't mean that I'll turn up at your office to clear up that pile of paperwork which you've been ignoring mounting up on your desk or visiting your house to pick your socks up from the floor of your bedroom...

Energy and Space clearing involves me helping to remove negative energies or blocks in your home or office areas. It really has to be tailored to each individual as it can be for a whole host of reasons that people feel they are not comfortable in a certain area or room.  It may sound odd but you may instinctively feel that something is 'not right' in a particular place in your house.  Perhaps you feel a cold spot or you have been getting headaches whilst sitting in a certain area.  Perhaps you just don't enjoy the energy of a certain room but have no idea why.  Or maybe you just had a row with your bloke and are aware of some negativity still hanging about in the air. 

Through a series of techniques and energy work, I can cleanse the area and help restore a sense of calm in the room.  Many people actually notice a difference to the atmosphere immediately.  I can also discuss ways for you to use some of the methods to prevent any negative energy building up again in future. 

The session can take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the space.  

Cost: £60 - £80