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Crystal Healing

I bought my first crystal when I was a shy 13 year old and loved the feeling it gave me of being nurtured and safe ! I now use crystals constantly in my every day life - If I'm not sleeping well I'll find some Amethyst to place under my pillow.  If I'm going on the tram I'll use some Tourmaline to protect me from negative energies from other people.  If I want some love and there's no one around for a hug, I won't let go of my Lilac Quartz ! No matter what you're looking for or need in your life, you'll find there will be often be a crystal which can help you. 

If you have problems grounding or if you feel stuck 'in your head' the crystals can help you to really connect back with your body.  They can also help ease pain and give hope if you are sad or depressed.  Just having a crystal in your hand or pocket can instantly have an effect on your mood.  

During this healing I will place my lovely crystals on and around your body so they can work their magic ! Each crystal is unique and resonates at a different vibration, conducting and transmitting energy of its own.  When a crystal is placed at points on the body, it helps to cleanse and remove negativity and balances and stabilises your own energy.  I will also use other crystals and energy healing during the treatment to assist the process and cleanse your aura. Crystal Healing also works well when combined with Reiki. 

Cost: £40 - £60 depending on your budget.  This includes coaching before and after the session. 

(Package of 3 sessions: £100)