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'The love you are seeking is already within you'

Welcome to my website - I am delighted that you have found me. You'll find some information on here about me and the work I do as well as some suggestions of other lovely websites and books to give you some guidance if you're feeling a bit lost... And even if you're NOT feeling wobbly at this moment in time, then I hope you will find something on here to help you celebrate that fact ! Either way I am grateful that you can spend a few minutes to have a look and am always available to have a chat if you want to know more or make an appointment.

I work from Bury, Chorlton and Manchester City Centre but in some situations, appointments may also be conducted from your own home. I teach Kundalini Yoga in Whitefield, Bury and Chorlton.  Please visit my FB page for more info:


Why I do what I do

I really believe that behind every problem, old pattern, negative situation which is holding you back from living the life you always dreamt of,  is that we often seek ‘love’ outside of ourselves.  There are so many other ways we try to find this happiness, be it through alcohol, chocolate, shopping, or other people (usually our partners) and I firmly believes that ‘the love you are seeking is already within you’.  By connecting you back to your body, mind and soul through my energy work, coaching and workshops, we can help you find that love within yourself so you need never look externally in the ‘wrong’ places again. It is about getting you to listen to what your heart wants rather than getting stuck in the manic ego thoughts which try to hold you back from being happy.  It is my mission to get everyone to love and accept themselves with compassion and humour so that we can begin to live with abundance in all areas of our lives.




Crystal Healing 

Indian Head Massage

Reprogramming - (Identifying old patterns to release them to make room for the new)


Workshops & Experiences:

Reiki 1, 2 & 3 Master levels (1-2-1 or group teaching possible)

Self-empowerment workshops

Tropic's Skincare Pamper Experiences

Empathy sessions (Full present listening telephone support calls)

Space Clearing in your home or office


About Me: 

I have recently returned from 7 years working with holistic therapies in Amsterdam and am on a mission to spread the (self)LOVE in Manchester by connecting you to your Mind, Body and Spirit in various ways which includes Reiki, Crystal healing, Self Empowerment, Indian Head Massage and pampering yourself with my favourite natural skincare products from Tropic!.  During these treatments I help you to connect with yourself and your spiritual ‘team’ and relax into your body so you can let go of any stresses and release anything which may be holding you back in life. 


Reiki Treatments & Teaching 

I first discovered the benefits of Reiki on a physical level after it helped heal polyps on my voicebox. It has also been key in helping me develop my spiritual side.  On a personal level, Reiki really gave me the kick-start I needed by churning up old situations, relationships, jobs, thought patterns which were no longer serving me and got me back on track in helping me find my purpose in life- which is love and connection for myself and others. 

I completed the first level of Reiki in 2004 and trained as a Reiki Master in 2008, so as well as giving Reiki treatments, I also teach levels 1, 2 and Master level, if you wish to learn it yourself. 


Tropic Skincare 

Since I am all about us being nice to ourselves and treating our bodies with love and kindness, I am delighted to also introduce myself as a Tropic Skincare Ambassador.  Tropics is a vegan 100% natural skincare and cosmetics company launched by Lord Sugar and Susie Ma from The Apprentice in 2013.  I absolutely ADORE the products as the range is really gentle on the skin and contains ONLY natural products, so you know exactly what you are putting on to your skin.  We don't use any nasties such as Parabens, alcohol, harsh preservatives or silicones and we are comitted to using only premium, responsibly sourced natural ingredients.  All of the products are also handmade in our Surrey Beauty Kitchen.

Check out the glorious products online and give yourself a little TLC from outside as well as in ! 

For anyone living around the Manchester area I also organises Pamper Parties if you and a few friends are interested in experiencing the products for yourself.  As the hostess, you will receive usually around £40-£80 worth of FREE products to say thank you for organising, as well as a gorgeous facial and some pampering ! 

Give me a call if you would like to organise a Pamper party now - 0776 250 4087


Qualifications and Trainings:

I first studied Reiki 1 in 2004, completed reiki 2 in 2006 and the Master Level Reiki 3 in 2008

I have an NVQ Level 3 in Massage and an Indian Head Massage Diploma.

I have also been attuned to work with a crystal grid.

I am currently studying to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher


Other training:

Body Spin

Hopi Ear Candling course,

Crystal Healing,

Meeting Spiritual Guides,

Angel Therapy,

Non Violent/Compassionate Communication 

Daily Love Maui - Enter The Heart





I am based in Chorlton in South Manchester. Evening & Weekend appointments available.

I am also available at Manchester Yoga Central in Trafford Park on Mondays and Wednesdays anytime.

For Pamper Parties I am available any time ! 



0776 250 4087